Traditional Chinese medicine treatments of kidney disease
treatments of kidney disease
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treatments of kidney disease

Hormone therapy

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is one of therapies to treatment kidney disease. It is widely used to treat Proteinuria, edema and blood in urine and other symptoms through anti-inflammatory effect and immunosuppressive action. Generally speaking, almost all the patients undergo this therapy during the treatment. It can achieve the short-term therapeutic effect and remission patients’ suffering to some extent. However, it also brings various kinds of side effects to patients.w.jpg

The functions of hormone therapy:

1. Anti-inflammation

It can prevent immune inflammatory reaction from further development, decrease the permeability of capillaries and boost the edema to subside as well as reduce the releasing of active substances. It can also control the releasing of inflammatory factors and reduce inflammatory invasions.

2. Immunosuppression

It can disturb the lymphocytes and prevent the proliferation of immunocompetent cells. It stops cells transforming into plasmocyte to reduce the production of antibodies. Further more, it has the ability to reduce allergic reaction by the control of the releasing of inflammatory factors.

3. The function of antitoxic

It can combine with endotoxin to prevent the pathologica.

The side effects of Hormone therapy

1. Weight gain: because of calorie intake, the weight will increase rapidly.

2. Due to metabolic disturbance, patients may have some symptoms, such as moon face, buffalo hump, central obesity, acne, pilosity, Hypokalemia and hypertension.

3. Infection

4. Osteoporosis, psychiatric disorders, long-terms usage of hormone drugs can influence children’s growth and development, it may even cause infertility.

5. The digestive system complications: it can induce or aggravate the duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and even hemorrhage of digestive tract.

6. The cardiovascular system complications: patients with long-term application of hormone therapy may suffer high blood pressure and atherosclerosis

7. Sleep disorder

8. Memory problem

The contraindication of Hormone therapy

1. Serious mental disease

2. Peptic ulcer disease and gastroenterostomy

3. Wound, fracture

4. Serious hypertension and diabetes mellitus

5. Pregnant woman

6. Chicken pox

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