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treatments of kidney disease
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treatments of kidney disease


Immunotherapy, also known as target therapy or biotherapy, is a promising treatment for kidney diseases. The conditions are treated through self repairing by stimulating a patient's immune system

The mechanism of this therapy is based on the body's natural immune system, which protects us against various kinds of diseases. So the essence of the said immunotherapy is to stimulate the patient’s immune system to active the body of whom to protect itself from a variety of diseases without taking drugs...jpg

What is immune system?

The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease. To function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of agents, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the organism's own healthy tissue. The system is divided into two major branches: the innate immune system and the back-up system. The innate immune system is to protect people from being influenced by illnesses. In addition to innate immune system, the body also has a back-up system to safeguard innate immune system.

Loosely speaking, a disease occurs when: The immune system failed to eliminate the invaders due to its excessive amount.

In the abovementioned case, people will get diseases due to the innate immune system's ineffective elimination of invaders. What would happen if there are disorders in innate immune system? In such conditions, the back-up immune system would be triggered and help protest against the invaders.

After a length of time, the invaders will be eliminated completely by the combined work of both the innate immune system and the back-up immune system, which means healthy physical conditions will be restored. After the elimination of all the invaders, the tack-up immune system stops functioning and leave the immune system to work alone.

How to treat kidney diseases with Immunotherapy?

The systemic treatment procedure includes five steps as follows:

1. Diagnosis

A comprehensive and systematic diagnosis and evaluation for each patient which guarantee the best curative effect are necessary. In addition to routine tests, specific examinations such as Series of Complement Tests, Series of Kidney Damage Tests, Lymphocyte Subsets Test and Uremic Toxins Tests of Kidney Disease are required.

2. Immune blocking

More than 95% of kidney diseases occur as a result of the abnormality of the immune system and most of which are induced by excessive immune responses, so it is necessary to inhibit the immune inflammatory responses rapidly, eliminate the abnormal inflammatory reaction as soon as possible and stop the abnormal injuries of renal cells.

A precise diagnosis helps us distinguish between the immune reactions and the sedimentary location of immune complex. Then, the most state-of-the-art immunosuppressive agents are applied to help patients achieve the purpose of immune blocking with minimum side effects.

3. Immune tolerance

Immune tolerance refers to the mechanism which lets our kidneys accept the fact that immune complexes are depositing in the kidneys. The purpose of which is to prevent the recurrence of immoderate inflammatory reaction. After the blocking of undue immune response, although further damages to renal cells and tissues have been prevented, immune complex deposits are not removed. As a result, the inflammatory reaction and damages of renal cells may relapse at any time. So the following measures should be taken:

First of all, letting the patient's body accept the fact that immune complexes are depositing in the kidneys and renal cells have been damaged.

Secondly, in order to avoid the reoccurrence of inflammatory reaction and protect renal cells, blocking of inflammatory reaction should be done routinely and systemically. A precise dose of immunosuppressive medicines are transfused into patient's body regularly to avoid the reoccurrence of immune inflammatory reaction.

Thirdly, conduct an assessment about the inflammatory reaction in the kidneys and make a long-term plan of monitoring inflammatory reaction and illness condition so as to ensure the accuracy of immune blocking.

4. Immune regulation

Immune tolerance is a temporary measure as human body can not coexist with immune complex and injured renal cells for a long period, so that we must eliminate the foreign bodies. Presently, there exists no western medicine which could effectively clear the harmful substances. However, Chinese medicine has provided us with such solutions. This is the said immune regulation treatment.

Through the application of Micro herbal penetration therapy and traditional Chinese medicine triggering stereo therapy which works to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, the immune complex could be effectively removed. Further more, Chinese prescriptions have the capability to reinforce nourish blood so as to strength the immunity of the body and the ability to clear away pathogenic foreign bodies.

5. Immune protection

Immune protection refers to the measures taken to protect the damaged intrinsic cells and tissues in the course of immunotherapy. The two main treatments are:

•Western medicine treatment which mainly involves the injection of glucocorticoids. These medicines are used to protect the cells and tissues.

•Special Chinese medicine known as Mai Kang He Ji can be used to reinforce nourish blood.

What are the features of Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy helps to repair, stimulate, or enhance the body's natural immune responses.

Specifically, we use Immunotherapy to:

•Halt or suppress the processes of kidney disease progression

•Promote the body's natural ability to repair or replace cells that have been damaged by hypersensitivity

•Relieve the symptoms of kidney disease and treat the disease from root cause

According to individual factors, a treatment plan that is tailored to personal unique needs and preferences will be made to ensure the best treatment effects.

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