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treatments of kidney disease

Micro herbal penetration therapy

What is Micro herbal penetration therapy?

Micro herbal penetration therapy is a state-of-the-art therapy based on traditional Chinese herbal medicines, the history of which could date back to thousands of years ago. Micro herbal penetration therapy combines the traditional Chinese medicines and modern medical equipments and technology as to remarkably improve the medicine efficacy and reduce the side effects to the maximum extent. As an external therapy, the powdered medicines could penetrate into kidneys directly through skin to function without doing any harm to digestive organs.

What are the functions of Micro herbal penetration therapy?

1. Prevent renal function from further deterioratingq.jpg

The essence of Micro herbal medicines is by means of dilating blood vessels, resisting inflammation and reducing fibrosis substances to stop the progression of the conditions so that the kidney function could conduct a series of self-restoring work. After the penetration of the herbal medicines into kidney lesions, it could stop the invasion of inflammatory factors and remove harmful substances to kidneys. As a result, it would prevent the renal function from further deteriorating in an immediate and effective way.

2. Active the self –restoring function of renal cells

Micro herbal penetration therapy could activate the self-restoring function of renal cells and accelerate the reconstruction of kidney structure. The activated materials of Chinese medicines can resist renal fibrosis, dilate arteries and improve the regeneration and replication of renal cells. In addition, the medicines could promote the secretion of growth factors so as to activate the formation of new blood vessels and accelerate the restoration of renal glomerulus.

3. Alleviate the clinical symptoms

Patients with kidney diseases may have such clinical symptoms as fever, rash, edema, ascites, large quantity of protein in urine, blood urine and decline in white blood cells and increase in ESR. The combination of traditional Chinese and drugs and hormone drugs could effectively treat the abovementioned symptoms. The combining treatment could alleviate the condition with minimum side effect on patients, which would also effectively control the patients’ clinical symptoms

4. Regulating immune function

One of the essences of Chinese medicines is to enhance the immune function of the body and remove the immune complexes in kidneys. In this way, immune inflammatory response could be will restrained and the immunity could be strengthened in a remarkable way.

What are the features of Micro herbal penetration therapy?

Strengthened medicines effect

Micro herbal medicines are made by grinding the medicines into powdered medicines. The powdered herbal medicines is then put inside a medicine bag and put on the skin above the kidneys. So the medicines could be absorbed by skin and penetrate into kidney lesions. The effective factors would rapidly and directly repair the impaired kidney tissues.

Strong Pertinence

As the effective ingredients of herbal medicines could penetrate into kidney lesions through the meridians in renal area, the medicines can be fully absorbed by kidney lesions and without doing any harm to other organs such as stomach, intestinal tract. As a result, it can improve the pertinence of the therapy remarkably.

No side effects

As the ingredients of traditional medicines are extracted and purified from plants. Unlike the chemical compounds, they are free of adverse effects on body completely. Meanwhile, the medicines can enter kidney lesions directly so they cause no irritations to intestinal tract or stomach at all.

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