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The brief introduction of Nephrotic syndrome

The brief introduction of Nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome onset more common in children aged 3 to 6 years, and more boys than girls, the etiology is unknown, easy to relapse and prolongation, longer duration. Children suffering from nephrotic syndrome are strictly forbidden to go to kindergarten before the rehabilitation. Because of the low immune function of the children in the course of treatment, it is easy to get infected with virus or bacteria due to exertion or other children's illness, resulting in the recurrence of the disease.

1、children, diet should eat high-protein low-salt diet. Due to massive Proteinuria, egg, lean meat and other protein supplements. Edema eaten after eating a normal diet.

2、to avoid a cold. Cold is the main cause of nephrotic syndrome relapse and exacerbation in patients with nephrotic syndrome, cold and cold weather to maintain the cold to pay attention to prepare some small nephrotoxic control of proprietary Chinese medicine.

The brief introduction of Nephrotic syndrome

3、 patients with nephrotic syndrome pay attention to personal hygiene, to avoid infection in daily life, nephrotic syndrome patients pay attention to personal hygiene, reduce the staff noisy public places, to avoid infection, to prevent aggravation.

4、 pay attention to avoid cold, cold. Cold is the main cause of nephrotic syndrome relapse and aggravate nephrotic syndrome, so patients should always beware of cold, cold and cold, always prepared a small number of nephrotoxic proprietary Chinese medicines (Radix, Vc Yinqiao tablets) to prevent influenza.

5、 pessimistic peace of mind, anxiety. Nephrotic syndrome precautions, not only are nephrotic syndrome patients are the characteristics of the patient. Patients with nephrotic syndrome, due to their special repetitive and persistent features, can make their patients anxiety, such as chain reaction, and high degree of nervousness in the cerebral cortex, especially in patients with nephrotic syndrome (especially those with female nephrotic syndrome).

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