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The average life span for ESRD patients

The average life span for ESRD patients who have started dialysis is 4.25 years and about 23% patients can live as long as 10 years with dialysis. However, for these ESRD patients who have stopped dialysis, they will lose their life within 4 weeks.10.12.3.jpg

How does dialysis help to further one’s life?We live a normal life with the help of kidney. Kidneys have function to adjust blood pressure, secrete necessary hormone, excrete wastes, balance electrolyte and acid-base. When kidneys shut down, they can not function well, as a consequence of which, various symptoms like high blood pressure and anemia occur.

ESRD indicates kidneys have been damaged seriously and can not help to maintain one’s life any more. Since kidneys help to discharge wastes, so ESRD is always accompanied by high levels of toxins in the blood. In that case, dialysis is usually adopted to remove these toxins out of the blood. Without dialysis, toxins circulate with blood and they may damage any of our internal organs. Therefore, dialysis plays an extremely important part for people with completely damaged kidneys.

Although dialysis helps to prolong ESRD patients’ life span, it is not a long-term solution. Dialysis is performed with a machine which can filter blood and meanwhile discharge toxins. It helps to purify blood, but can not repair damaged kidney. Therefore, once ESRD patients start dialysis, they need to do it repeatedly.

CKD can not be cured and also there is no such a treatment which can make the completely failed kidney function again. However, on the basis of current medical technology, a new treatment, say Immunotherapy here, has been created to help patients who still have urine output. We know estern medicine sand western medicines treat kidney problem in different way and by combining them, treatment effects can be improved greatly. Therefore, for some ESRD patients who still have urine output, if they do not want to start dialysis, they can have a try about Immunotherapy.

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