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kidney disease

Renal failure refers to a pathological condition, in which part of or entire renal function has lost. Renal failure is caused by a variety of chronic kidney diseases.

There are two types of renal failure, chronic renal failure and acute renal failure. The condition of acute renal failure progress rapidly, which is often caused by insufficient blood supply (burn), or damages to renal function caused by blockage or toxic substance. The main cause of chronic renal failure is long-term pathological changes of various kidney diseases.

Patients with renal failure often have increased amount of fluid in the body, increased acid levels as well as raised levels of potassium and phosphate and decreased calcium levels.

As the patients with renal failure have almost lost all their renal function, their kidney fail to filtrate the toxic substances and wasted products, the accumulation of which will cause a series of serious medical conditions including , heart failure, liver failure, lung failure and severe respiratory disease.