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Prevention methods of diabetic nephropathy

Prevention methods of diabetic nephropathy

1、control diabetic

Hyperglycemia is a basic factor of diabetic nephropathy, controled hyperglycemia within normal level then the early kidney disease will be restored.

2、control hypertension

Hypertension will causing kidney damaged, however it will exacerbate hypertension. Antihypertensive therapy is important for improving glomerular filtration rate, keep the hypertension in 130/80mmHg.

3、adjust diet

Prevention methods of  diabetic nephropathy

Taking low-protein foods, intake protein within 30-40g one day. It is advisable to adopt a low salt diet, Low sodium intake is not only beneficial to the control of diabetes, but also plays a role in lowering blood pressure. High fat diet is one of the important risk factors for diabetes, it should be avoided.


Proper exercise can reduce blood sugar and Antidiabetic Agents dosage, especially Ⅱdiabetic nephropathy patients, through Exercise can make self-insulin play a better role and improve the efficacy of drug therapy.

avoid drugs that are harmful to the kidneys.

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