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kidney disease

i have a chronic kindey disease

i have a chronic kindey disease

what should i do

how long have you suffered such disease?

May I know ur creatinine level at persent?

5 weeks

i dont know

do you have any uncomfortable, like back pain, nausea, vomit, swelling?


i have a chronic kindey disease

Ok, and have any history of hypertension and diabetes?


Ok. based on your condition I can send you some diets and treatment suggestions.

but i have edema in my legs

Okay, we've already recorded that.

may I know the patient’s name gender and age?

male and im 20 years old

ok, we will send the advice later. Please check.

okey doc thankyou

you're welcome !

am doc what should i do with edema ?

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Tags: creatinine level, 5 weeks, edema in my legs, 20 years old
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